ARYAN Institute of Science and Technology
An overview of Aryan Institute of Science and Technology
Due to the vast educational background of Amirkola among the other cities of Mazandaran province, in 2006 originators decided to launch a great organization in this city. In 2008 Aryan Institute of Higher Education and Technology was established with an official permit of Council of Higher Education Science Ministry Research and Technology. Today this institute has been working as one the most successful nonprofit universities in the milieu area in four field of study, and in four grades. These majors are presented in seven educational category including Civil engineering, Electronic engineering, Surveying engineering, Architecture engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer Science engineering, and Accountancy, from associate to master degree. One of the most impressive privilege of this institute is to admit students of master degree in ten engineering disciplines; in civil engineering with subfield of Earthquake engineering, Structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Transportation engineering and engineering and management of Construction of hydraulic structures. In Electronic engineering with subfield of Electronic, Power, and telecommunication engineering, and in Computer science with subfield of Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics.
The campus of this institute is located in an area of three acres with four buildings and 13,000 meters of educational and research infrastructure, in accordance with the standards of higher education in a very strategic position in the urban area of the ring road (Babol - Babolsar) in Amirkola. Having a location with easy access, this institute is equipped with an educational and research facilities such as standard classrooms, laboratories and workshops in accordance with all courses offered at the institute, computer center and an idealistic library with high-capacity, graduate classes, computer service center, publication center, and sports facilities such as football field and volleyball court, a sport club for women , a beautiful huge landscape, a large chapel of Great Prophet,cultural center for community activities and student association , parking for instructors and students, and student buffet.
 From January 2014, this institute has launched the first faculty center for offering training courses for promotion of the license of engineer's employment with an official permit of engineering organization. This center utilizes the outstanding and well known instructors and professors for educating pupils in different field of Engineering System with presenting related training courses. .
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